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Lisa’s Birthday

Group of community members from L'Arche St Louis in a car
The courageous response to COVID-19 is evident in all our L’Arche communities. We have seen continued resolve to build community in the most unlikely places, like on Lisa’s lawn.

Recently, we celebrated Lisa’s* 22nd birthday. Although it has only been 3 years since she joined L’Arche St. Louis, she has built a real sense of home. She was excited to celebrate her birthday, so it was disappointing that a larger party wouldn’t be possible. Late in the afternoon, honking drew everyone out of the house to the front yard. To Lisa’s surprise, the street was full of cars. Horns blasted, birthday music played, and balloons flew. An SUV drove by with a big “Happy Birthday” poster pasted on the side. The onlookers were bursting with joy as the long parade of cars drove around the block for a second time. Neighbors came out to see what was going on and joined in with whistles, claps, and cheers. As the joyful noise finally faded away, the love of the community hung close around Lisa’s home.

All over the country, L’Arche is creatively building community and keeping joy alive in unique ways. For example, members of L’Arche Heartland have been making brown bag lunches for people experiencing homelessness. L’Arche Atlanta has been making big thank you posters for their windows. The online “L’Arche Café” has been a big hit. Several times a week, the Café brings together community members from across the country to hang out, sing, play piano, and tell stories. It’s been a real blast!

Please consider donating to L’Arche USA—during May, every dollar goes twice as far!

Learn more: www.larcheusa.org/larchelife

*Lisa asked that we use a pseudonym to protect her privacy.

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