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Be part of a community where everyone is welcome—with or without intellectual disabilities.

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Imagine being excluded. Everywhere.

You know the sting of being left out: It’s isolating, embarrassing, even demoralizing.
No one should feel that pain.

No one should be marginalized simply for existing.

Create a World Where Everyone Belongs

A world without margins…

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Create a Kinder Future
Build a society that includes everyone.

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Give to a Trusted Organization
Know your money is making a powerful change.

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Benefit from Diversity
Gain a new perspective when everyone’s voice is heard.

You are valued, just as you are.
No exceptions, no strings attached.

  • Globally RespectedL’Arche has communities in 38 countries.
  • 61 Homes in the USNearly 300 Americans with disabilities call L’Arche home.
  • Trusted AdvocateWe give people with disabilities a seat at the policy table.
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Step 1: Donate

Build a society that includes everyone.


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Step 2: Spread the Word

Inspire others to give by sharing your desire for a more inclusive world with friends, family, and social media followers.

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Step 3: Create a Better World

When people are valued without condition or exception, the world becomes a kinder place for everyone.

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We don’t buy into the lie that your worth is based on your ability to fit into the norms of society.

L’Arche USA is a network of communities where everyone is welcome, no matter what. When you support L’Arche, you’re building a future where everyone belongs.

With so much of the world an unwelcome place, how can you afford not to?

Your gift matters, whatever the amount. Whether you donate a legacy, or lend your support on social media, we value your contribution to L’Arche.

Let’s make the world a kinder place.

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What are your assumptions about disability?