Safeguarding means protecting people from harm. More specifically, it means preventing and responding to harm caused by neglect, personal abuse, exploitation, violence, and/or harassment (including when these are sexual in nature).

L’Arche in the United States and around the world is committed to protecting all of our members and friends, with and without intellectual disabilities, from harm caused by any kind of abuse, violence, harassment or neglect.

This commitment is anchored in the very core of L’Arche’s mission: to celebrate the unique value of every human being.

L’Arche’s Commitment to Safeguarding

In the United States, L’Arche communities are held accountable to high safeguarding standards, which are set by their respective state licensure bodies and by their membership agreement with L’Arche USA. L’Arche is committed to:

  • Protecting all of our members and friends, with and without intellectual disabilities, from harm caused by any kind of abuse, violence, harassment or neglect
  • Continuously evaluating how to reduce risks
  • Offering clear and accessible ways to speak up
  • Ensuring unbiased, competent, and swift investigations
  • Verifying communities’ compliance with safeguarding standards
  • Translating our core values into a common Code of Conduct for all members

Current Safeguarding Initiative

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure the well-being of all of our members across the world, L’Arche International  launched a comprehensive safeguarding initiative in 2018. In the United States, this initiative includes:

  • A broad audit of all related policies and procedures
  • A review of the onboarding and training modules for our staff and members
  • A Safeguarding Commission to firmly anchor safeguarding within our governance structures
  • A unified and easily accessible process for reporting misconduct


L’Arche USA does not provide 24-hour crisis counseling services. This site is not a hotline, and our offices are not staffed 24/7. If you are or someone you know is in immediate danger, please dial 911. If you have experienced sexual assault and need to locate resources in your area, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE or visit online.rainn.org.


L’Arche’s members are held to high standards as they are invited to care for one another and share daily life. Please let us know if you witness, learn of, or experience misconduct in any L’Arche setting, including any kind of abuse, violence, harassment, or neglect.

You may anonymously file a report through the iReport form on this website or send an email to iReport@larcheusa.org.

Your complaint will be kept confidential (within the limits of the law). Only the qualified third-party reviewers will have access to the submitter’s name, if they chose to provide it.

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