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If I Were a Color

People with disabilities are often more disabled by the societies they live in than by their bodies or diagnosis. In this episode, Nagat from L’Arche Egypt explains how she and her brother faced societies’ attempt to disable their humanity. Imagine … Continue reading

Sarah Reichhardt rollderblades while pushing a friend in his wheelchair during her time at L'Arche Tahoma Hope in Tacoma, Washington.

L’Arche Plans to Open in Colorado

Community to include sustainable homes and farm where adults with and without intellectual disabilities live and work as peers When Sarah Reichhardt ended her time at L’Arche Tahoma Hope in Tacoma, Washington, she vowed to hold onto the values she’d … Continue reading

Luca Badetti at L'Arche Chicago Founder's Day BBQ

Embrace you in(abilities)! Luca Badetti presents at TEDxBend

L’Arche Chicago Community Life Director Luca Badetti recently gave a talk with TEDxBend, sharing the essence of what we in L’Arche communities know to be true: that we are stronger together as complete human beings capable of deep connection not only because of … Continue reading


Google Larry

In the 1990s, people with autism began using the internet to build online communities, breaking the myth that autism imprisons people in a solitary existence. In this episode, however, Larry Gourley finds a limit to the gift and reaches the edge … Continue reading

Dawnmarie Brown

L’Arche Long Island Names Executive Director

Dawnmarie Brown has been named Executive Director for L’Arche Long Island, a project of L’Arche USA that is slated to open its doors this fall. L’Arche communities in the United States provide homes and workplaces where people with and without … Continue reading

Photo courtesy of Twitter

God Says Yes: A Visit to L’Arche Bethlehem

by Isaac Villegas, Pastor, Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship, North Carolina They had told me to come by around eight in the morning. People were already gathered in the main room, seated in chairs pushed against the walls. A woman greeted … Continue reading

Jillian Glasgow

Jillian Glasgow Named Recruiter

Jillian Glasgow has been named Recruitment and Administrative Assistant for L’Arche USA, which has nineteen communities across the country where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together as peers. Her role focuses on two critical operational areas: … Continue reading

L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains Withdraws from Federation

L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains’ Board of Directors has announced it was withdrawing from the International Federation of L’Arche. It will be closing its doors and operations by June 30, 2016. Founded in 2004, L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains is home to … Continue reading

Mary Ruppert and Eileen Schofield walk to work together in Washington, D.C. Photo by Brian A. Taylor Photography

‘You Gotta Join Your Life’

by Mary Ruppert “You gotta join your life. People are going to love you. You gotta join your life ….” I repeated to myself, with tears pouring down my cheeks, nose dripping, and no sign of a tissue this side … Continue reading

David Li and Elisha Preston of L'Arche Chicago visit the Gulf of Mexico.

Interfaith Voices

An Interview with David Li and Elisha Preston The Charter of the Communities of L’Arche states: “In a divided world, L’Arche wants to be a sign of hope. Its communities, founded on covenant relationships between people of differing intellectual capacity, social … Continue reading