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Community Care Coordinator | L’Arche Heartland

Overland Park, KS

Position Summary: The role of L’Arche Community Care Coordinator is to be an advocate and ally to L’Arche Heartland‘s seventeen Residential Core Members (adults with intellectual/ developmental disabilities) who require Assistants (Direct Service / Support Professionals/ Caregivers) for activities of daily living. The L’Arche Community Care Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating appropriate and effective services for Core Members of L’Arche Heartland Residential Program. They will ensure that Core Members are affirmed, supported and encouraged to grow with dignity and respect in all areas of their life. The Community Care Coordinator will oversee House Coordinator and Assistants to ensure quality care, advocacy and support of Core Members within the community. Experience in case management or social work duties may help.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaboration with Community Nurse
  • Ensure quality of Medical Care for Core Members including:
    • Scheduling Appointments;
    • Coordinating Follow Up Care;
    • Coordinate with Pharmacy for monthly medications;
    • Coordinate with Company Nurse for initial and ongoing med training.
  • Collaboration with Assistant’s Coordinator
    • Supervise House Coordinators and Assistants in the provision of services concerning medical, emotional, psychiatric, and physical needs of Core Members
    • Provide initial and ongoing training on Person Centered Support Plans and BASIS tracking
  • Oversee compliance with The State of Kansas requirements for all L’Arche programming
    • Audits and reviews of individual Core Member records to ensure licensing compliance and that L’Arche policies are maintained;
    • Oversee the implementation of Core Member Person Centered Support Plans and completion of their goals in partnership with the House Coordinators;
    • Oversee the record keeping for each individual core members permanent record- i.e. legal documents, risk management, behavioral support plans, medical information and documentation, Annual Plan documentation and financial information;
  • Collaboration with L’Arche Heartland Team and Leaders
    • Attend and actively participate in
      • House Team Meetings
      • Professional Services Meetings
      • Other meetings as needed to efficiently support high quality care and provision of services for the Core Members
    • Advocate on behalf of the Core Members with Service Coordinators, families, consultants and other professionals to ensure the individual needs and desires of core members are met.


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