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Justin Lorenz

Feeding My Stomach and Spirit

By Justin Lorenz I find such delight in dinners at L’Arche St. Louis, where there are lovely and unpredictable contributions from every person at the table. Occasionally the meals are quiet; but usually I end up with a used cloth … Continue reading

Young & Dreaming

Since coming to L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. in 2014, Rebecca Feng has been dreaming of founding the first L’Arche community in her home country, China. She writes in Notre Dame’s Observer about her visit to a similar organization, called Huiling, to learn more about … Continue reading

God Does Not Need Us to be Perfect

By Kaitlyn Rusca The year after graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I made my home at L’Arche Tahoma Hope (Tacoma, Washington), living in mutual relationships with persons with disabilities. Our “core members” (persons with disabilities), are incredible teachers … Continue reading

Mark Lepper

Of Fish and Men

By Mark Lepper In my house here at L’Arche Heartland we have a Beta fish who lives in a little tank in our dining room. Depending on which person you ask, his name is either Louie or Willy. The other … Continue reading

Fred Kaffenberger and Michael Carlisle find community, new direction in L’Arche. Photo by Reuben Worthington

From Failure to Community

College Drop-Outs Find New Direction in L’Arche It was Lent, and Michael Carlisle was depressed. His plan to study philosophy and become a professor of Catholic sacred theology had fizzled out three years earlier. He was holding steady with a … Continue reading

Sarah Ruszkowski

Here’s To Another 50 Years

By Sarah Ruszkowski I grinned to myself as I stood in a long, not-really-moving line at the pop machine.  It was one of the fancy ones with a touch screen and seemingly infinite amount of pop flavors.  Earlier that day, … Continue reading

Perfectly Human: My Friend Johnny

Matt Rhodes | Beliefnet Last spring, the Sunday following Easter Sunday, my beloved mother died. The church was celebrating victory; I was living in defeat, in despair, in death. The minister who had come to the hospital prayed repeatedly that she would … Continue reading

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