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The Staff of L’Arche USA

Meet Our People

L’Arche USA carries out our mission of service through the vital work and dedication of our staff members. L’Arche benefits from the diverse professional skills and personal experiences staff members bring to their work. Whatever their role, our staff demonstrates a passionate commitment to furthering the mission and vision of L’Arche. We invite you to get to know them.

Tina Bovermann

National Leader / Executive Director
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I am a Northern European implant in the American south where I live with my spouse and kids. Originally at home in the world of international politics, economics and human rights, life has taken me through various cultures, experiences and vocations before parachuting me into my current role.

Laura Goble

Vice National Leader & Director of Community Support
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I’m a wanderer originally grown in Buffalo, NY, developed in various places around the USA and world, now planted in Portland, OR with my partner, two kids, our dog, cat and guinea pig. Alongside L’Arche, my passion to be creative, share life, and organize with other people for a better world inspires me to be engaged as a foster and adoptive parent.

Andrew Callahan

Director of Finance & Administration
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I’m proud to be a native Oregonian, and have been settled in Portland, Oregon for almost 20 years. I love the outdoors and am an avid fisherman so spend a good deal of time in the surrounding rivers. I also enjoy my favorite sports teams and am passionate about good wine and food. My partner and I dote over our 12 year old pug, Kermit, who is one of the members of our L’Arche USA Portland team.

Danelle Harris

Finance Coordinator
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I have been involved with L’Arche since 2007, and recently moved from Tacoma, WA to Portland, OR to be closer to my daughter. I enjoy painting, reading and game nights with family and friends. And I love to take walks with my dog Gunner who likes to bark at the wind!

Chris Craven

Director of Development
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I grew up in the Southeastern United States where I eventually made my way west to Minnesota, California, and now Colorado.  I enjoy spending my free time with family, golfing, hiking, watching college football, walking my four dogs, wine tasting, visiting breweries, and a wide array of other outdoor activities.

Ellen Eischen

Grants Writer & Community Liaison
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Originally from the Midwest, I now live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and toddler-aged twins. I enjoy gardening, travel, being outside in nature, and time with family and friends.

Mary Ruppert

Manager of Donor Relations
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I hail from Maryland, the great state of the black-eyed Susan and Old Bay Seasoning, and am now based out of Chicago, Il. You can often catch me taking in the expanse of Lake Michigan or finding ways to channel my creativity through physical theater, visual art and music.

Nathan Ball

Director of Major Giving
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I’m a Canadian who lived and worked in L’Arche Daybreak (Toronto) for many years before moving to St. Louis with my family in 2013. I learned to downhill ski in the Rockies when I was in grade school and continue to enjoy the sport. I love jazz and blues and play a little piano. Keith Jarrett’s solo arrangement of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Beethovan’s Violin Concerto in D are on the top of my personal playlist.

Rod Greenough

Gift Processor & Database Coordinator
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I grew up on a farm in central Wisconsin, lived in Utah for most of the 80s and 90s, and came to Oregon with my partner (now husband) twenty years ago. My main preoccupation outside of work is photography of historical or cultural spaces such as the Portland Japanese Garden or the Pendleton Roundup. Research on the origins of Czech immigrants to Wisconsin, as part of an informal group of researchers, also takes up an inordinate amount of my time.

Thomas Marquis

Manager of Community Support & Learning, Midwest Region
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Growing up most of my life in Virginia, the Midwest has been my home since 2002. My husband and I live in a quiet suburb just north of Kansas City, Missouri, with two dogs. We love to travel, to cook holiday meals for loved ones, and to pass time by playing card games—my favorite being Canasta!

Joan Winchester

Manager of Community Support & Learning, Western Region
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I am a native Portlandian – I love Oregon and the Pacific NW. I live in a 1923 Bungalow that is our constant project and very much home. A great fan of the outdoors, I love camping and hiking, although I don’t get out very often these days. Mostly my free time is filled with movies and reading, travel, exploring new restaurants, and hanging out with friends and family. I have been married for a million years and have two adult children and we were thrilled to welcome a fabulous daughter-in-law to our family in 2017.

Stasya Erickson

Manager of Community Support & Learning, Northeast Region
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I’m an immigrant from Russia who grew up in Pennsylvania and settled in Syracuse, NY after college. When I’m not working, I love to hike, draw, take photographs, travel and feast on delicious food. My life is made rich by my two sons and husband.

Sharon Ryan

Director of Member Development
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I am native to and recently resettled in the Boston area, close to my large and social family. In between, I spent 30 years in other east coast cities – Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC – with a 2-year jaunt to Belfast, NI with L’Arche. I try to keep my mind sharp with crossword puzzles, my hands and creative spirit busy making things out of fiber (spinning, felting, weaving) and my heart open with new voices in poetry and podcasts.

Theo Latiolais

Director of External Affairs
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I grew up in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, since my mother worked for the United Nations World Food Programme. I now live in Portland, Oregon with my extremely talkative snowshoe cat. I love playing guitar, recording music, reading books, and lifting weights.

Parker Davis

Digital Communications Manager
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Hello! I grew up near St. Louis, MO, but currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I discovered L’Arche while in university, and have been involved ever since! My years living in community both internationally and domestically helped shape who I am today. In my free time I enjoy dancing, drawing, painting, hiking, eating food with friends, and petting other people’s dogs.