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The L'Arche Impact Study

Thanks to a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, members of L’Arche USA have completed a groundbreaking evaluation to help L’Arche better define and understand the ways L’Arche’s community model helps transform the lives of its members — the “core members” with intellectual disabilities as well as the “assistants” who live alongside them.

“What makes this project so powerful is that it will help L’Arche members to better understand what makes their communities so transformative — and what they can do to nourish and expand the virtues they see as central to their life together,” says Sarah Clement, the John Templeton Foundation’s Director for Character Virtue Development.

From 2019 to 2021, six L’Arche communities from across the United States participated in this evaluation experience facilitated by the team at Dialogues In Action. As as result, a 120-page report was produced, a two-day virtual symposium was held, and an unique, animated series was created. We invite you to explore these exciting and important findings below!

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The Impact Reports

You are invited to explore the results of this unique study outlining the remarkable impact that L’Arche donors, friends, and members have on one another. Click below to open the 31-page national summary or the 120-page full report.

National SummaryFull Report
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The Impact Symposium

In June 2021, L’Arche USA coordinated a two-day, virtual symposium to unpack the results from the report. This gathering was attended by L’Arche members, friends, donors, and academic professionals who shared their impressions on the findings. The time together was facilitated and hosted by author and poet, Pádraig Ó Tuama. Click the button below to listen to the inspiring words that Pádraig shared at the end of the event.

Symposium Closing Remarks
L'ARche in animation

The Impact Series

In L’Arche, we recognize the power and importance of elevating the stories of people with intellectual disabilities.  By distilling these results, we have worked to bring you a series of four animated videos each with a unique story from a core member who participated in the Project Impact study.

"Belonging" with Judi from L'Arche Boston North

"Spirituality" with Pat from L'Arche Cleveland

"Community" with Tyler from L'Arche Spokane

"Freedom" with Eileen from L'Arche Greater Washington, D.C.