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A L’Arche Zentangle

This is a collaborative art piece from community members at Nehalem House in L'Arche Portland.
This is a collaborative art piece from community members at Nehalem House in L’Arche Portland. Check out what Madelyn and Alison had to say about the project, and immerse yourself in the full piece below.

Madelyn, a Jesuit Volunteer at L’Arche Portland, shares,

“A couple weeks ago, we had a chance to learn about Zentangles from our resident Zen expert Annie Rose. During a Formation activity, Annie Rose taught us that Zentangles are an abstract form of art using different repetitive patterns, often used to help people relax and relieve stress. She taught us some common Zentangle patterns and encouraged us to explore different Zentangle designs. After we learned about these Zentangles from Annie Rose, we all gathered together as a house to create a community Zentangle. Some community members used the different Zentangle designs Annie Rose showed us. Others added cultural art, bright colors, or their favorite design. Overall the community Zentangle gave us a space to share our different talents and interests, particularly highlighting all the great artists we have at Nehalem House.”

Alison Krieger, Director of Community Life at L’Arche Portland, adds,

“We’ve been able to bond as a community during COVID life by teaching each other and learning from one another. Different people have led creative or spiritual events — Zentangles, yoga, baking, meditation, Christmas ornament making, and game nights, just to name a few. It’s allowed us to get to know each other better and to celebrate our unique gifts and passions collectively — I hope we’ll continue this, even after COVID.”



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