L’Arche Heartland (Kansas)

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We welcome each opportunity to introduce people to the life and spirit of L’Arche. You may have an interest in working with people who have disabilities, a spiritual resonance with L’Arche’s vision of mutuality and solidarity with persons who are marginalized, a desire to immerse yourself in community, or a sense that there must be something more to life. We’re eager to hear from you! There are several ways to participate in L’Arche:

Be an assistant. Consider committing a year or more to living in a L’Arche community. To learn more about life as an assistant, please visit our Become an Assistant page.

Volunteer. You can be a friend to a local L’Arche community. To volunteer, please contact your nearest L’Arche community.

Donate. Become a partner in building a strong network of L’Arche communities across the U.S., and extending the values and vision of L’Arche in society. Please see our Donate page.

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Position Announcements

We accept applications for assistants on a rolling basis as communities have openings year-round. Assistants are adults of any age and background who are able to provide daily support and mutual friendship to people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities.

L’Arche Long Island Founding Assistant Position
L’Arche Long Island is seeking applicants for the position of Founding Assistant. Positions start August 2017.

Jacksonville Community Coordinator (Apply by March 27)
Community Coordinators share responsibility with the Community Leader for the management of L’Arche Jacksonville. Guided by the mission, identity and charter of L’Arche, Community Coordinators are responsible for supporting the overall quality of life of the Core Members and Assistants in the community and overseeing management of the homes and Arts Workshop.
Desired start date: May 1, 2017.