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First Annual Impact Report

The cover for the 2020 Impact Report. Depicts members of L'Arche Erie. Some are inside their home looking through glass doors where another person waves from outside.

At L’Arche USA, we have been reflecting on our experiences from 2020. Like most, we learned a lot last year. We gained new insights into our history, our people’s incredible bravery, and the unwavering commitment of our supporters. This learning would not have been possible without the remarkable encouragement we received from friends like you! 

To honor this “Year of Learning,” you are invited to explore L’Arche USA’s first annual Impact Report. 

Inside you will find the voices and stories of L’Arche members, updates on the growth of new communities, L’Arche USA’s financial information, a list of our supporters, and much more. And while this specific report captures the nuance of such a unique year, we are excited to begin offering this annual resource to you for many years to come. 

Your ongoing friendship and investment in L’Arche in the United States is deeply appreciated. Thank you for learning with us. 

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