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Importance of Census 2020 to People with Disabilities

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the controversial new citizenship question in next year’s Census questionnaire. The L’Arche community has another important reason to pay attention to the Census: people with disabilities tend to be undercounted. Even though the short form questionnaire for 2020 will not specifically ask about disabilities, it is important that everybody be counted in the Census.

Census data is used to allocate the seats in the United States House of Representatives, and to determine how more than $675 billion in federal government resources will be distributed over the next 10 years. You will be seeing lots of activity by disability advocacy groups in the next few months on this topic.

If you’re interested, on June 26, the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) will host a webinar on the 2020 Census and its importance to people with disabilities. Panelists will be Beth Lynk, Census Counts Campaign Director, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; Jae June J. Lee, Policy Assistant, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality; Cara Brumfield, Senior Policy Analyst, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality; and Margaret Jakobson-Johnson, Retired Advocacy Director, Disability Rights California.

The webinar will take place on June 26, 2019 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. EDT. Register here.

Lisa Shiltz
L’Arche USA Board Member & Public Policy Committee Member

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