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Imagine Quarantine Differently: An Inside Look

Roomates at Joyful House in L'Arche St Louis
As our L’Arche Life campaign continues, we are excited to share this piece from Mary Ellen, a core member sharing life in L’Arche St. Louis. Mary Ellen agreed to write this story for us about her experience of community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her words are honest, relatable, and hopeful. Check it out!
Author of this post, Mary Ellen, is pictured on the right. She stands with her Community Leader, Paula, on the left.

It has been two whole months going on three months of the corona pandemic and it is not going away anytime soon! We are stuck in the midst of this virus, it’s all around us. And it’s taking over everything, including seeing our own families, grandkids, all the people we love. Also, celebrating birthdays with them is on hold because we have to be feet away from them, we can’t be anywhere near them! It is that contagious and we don’t want to see anybody sickened by this disease. We have to protect ourselves “every chance we get.”

We also have to look like surgeons, reporting in for surgery, to protect ourselves from getting sick. We also have to wash our hands every time we eat and afterwards to stay sterilized and healthy and strong. To get through this rough patch we all can collaborate together, as one whole Joyful House family [group pictured above] by helping each other by staying healthy as a horse!!

So like, even though we cannot do nothing, we are following a routine-schedule every single day of the week (that was written by ‘Olivia Walter’)! That explains in full detail, what each ‘activity’ is and we follow that each and every day of the week, it continues into the next new week, etc., etc. Cheers!! To Olivia Walter for putting this into full gear/spear heading this!! You rock girlfriend.

Yours Truly,

Peace and Blessings,

Mary Ellen & Girlfriends

Note: An assistant supported Mary Ellen to transcribe this entry from Mary Ellen’s journal. Together they chose to bold, underline, and quote words to match how the entry was originally written.

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