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Interim Community Leader/Executive Director – L’Arche Noah Sealth (Seattle)

Seattle, WA

L’Arche Noah Sealth
L’Arche Noah Sealth (LNS or the Community) provides homes where people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work and play as peers in an inclusive community of faith and friendship. LNS recognizes that adults with intellectual disabilities need support but also have much to contribute to society.

Our Community, founded in 1975, provides three homes and day activities for thirteen men and women with intellectual disabilities (Core Members). They are supported by caregivers (Assistants) from around the country and the world. Assistants live and work in community with Core Members. LNS is a member community of L’Arche USA and L’Arche International. There are seventeen L’Arche communities in the United States.

In our loving and secure homes, Core Member and Assistants have family-like relationships where the unique value, gifts and capacity of persons with intellectual disabilities and those who share their lives are received and celebrated. Though founded and rooted in Roman Catholicism, we are an ecumenical, intentional faith community that ensures the diverse spiritual needs of all members are promoted and respected.

L’Arche Noah Sealth currently employs eighteen full- and part-time employees and has an annual operating budget of approximately $1.2m. For more information on the history of L’Arche Noah Sealth, please click here. You can access L’Arche Noah Sealth E-newsletter here, and Form 990 here.

Identity – We are people, with and without developmental disabilities, sharing life in communities of faith.  Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our life together.  We seek to build a world that recognizes the unique value of every person and our need of one another.

Mission – To make known the gifts of people with developmental disabilities revealed through mutually transforming relationships. To engage in our diverse cultures, working together toward a more humane society.  To foster community that is inspired by the core values in our founding story and responds to the changing needs of our members.

Interim Executive Director Profile
The Interim Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the existing LNS Mandate, the Community’s strategic and operational plan for quality care of Core Members and Assistants. The Interim Executive Director also will work with the LNS Board of Directors (Board) and Community leadership to implement a thoughtful, planned transition from a 23-year Executive Director / Community Leader to new Community leadership and growth.

The Position
The Interim Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the Community lives the values of L’Arche in line with the Identity and Mission statements.  The Interim Executive Director will oversee and manage quality care programs for Core Members and the responsibilities of LNS Assistants, employees, contractors and volunteers.  The Interim Executive Director will work in partnership with, report to and be accountable to the Board and will assist the Board to assess the current situation so there is a clear and shared vision of what the Community needs in its next permanent leader.  The Interim Executive Director will work with the L’Arche USA regional representative.  The Interim Executive Director will also help prepare the Community to ensure its sustainability and the success of the next leader and assist the Board in implementing a search for and transition to a new Executive Director / Community Leader. The term of this appointment is eighteen months. This position announcement is open until filled.

Organizational Responsibilities
The Interim Executive Director will oversee all aspects of the Community including program delivery, fiscal management, human resource growth and development, records management, administration, facilities and community outreach. The Interim Executive Director will ensure that the Community complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and contracts (including preparation and implementation of required reports) and maintenance of Core Member trust funds and records. On behalf of LNS, the Interim Executive Director will participate in meetings and activities with L’Arche USA representatives and leaders of other L’Arche communities.

The Interim Executive Director will attend Board and other Community meetings, prepare and submit reports to the Board, and assist the Board with policy decisions, planning and fundraising projects, and implementation of the LNS Mandate. The Interim Executive Director will assist the Board in communications with Core Members, Assistants, and Core Member families and guardians.

Care of Individuals
The Interim Executive Director will ensure that Core Members receive quality care, including routine and emergency medical, dental, and mental health care, a safe, clean environment, and nutrition appropriate to their individual needs. The Interim Executive Director will strengthen and deepen relationships with Core Member service agencies, providers, consultants, and work placement supervisors. The Interim Executive Director will ensure that the diverse spiritual needs of Core Members and Assistants are promoted and respected. When appropriate, the Interim Executive Director will oversee intake of new Core Members.

The Interim Executive Director will work with the Community Council, which consists of senior leadership and staff in the Community.

The Interim Executive Director will be responsible for Human Resources growth, development and management.  The Interim Executive Director will recruit new Assistants, coordinate training for Assistants and employees, and develop opportunities for Assistant leadership growth, experience and responsibility.

The Interim Executive Director will maintain appropriate records and procedures to preserve and protect confidential and private information from unauthorized disclosure.

Leadership Abilities
Candidates will be evaluated on the full range of their lived and learned experience, professional background, volunteer experience, and direct and transferable skills. L’Arche Noah Sealth seeks candidates with a compelling combination of demonstrated experience and skills in some, or all, of the following areas: • Experience serving as an Executive Director, CEO, President, or senior staff member overseeing an organization, department, or division of significant size. • Ideally, a background and exposure to social sector or nonprofit services, which may come from board or staff service, and prior experience as an interim executive director.

COMMITMENT TO: • Embody the Principles of L’Arche and foster these across the organization. • Interact with every person with dignity and respect. • Promote and foster a work environment typified by inclusion, collaboration, transparency, and appreciation. • Continue to support and foster the Community’s approach which responds to the experiences and needs of participants as individuals or families.

ABILITY TO: • Promote the vision of L’Arche while building relationships with funders and donors to help L’Arche Noah Sealth share its vision with the larger community while sharing the gifts of our members. • Empower, mentor, motivate and engage staff and volunteers. • Maintain awareness of organization status and manage multiple priorities while delegating resources and empowering staff accordingly. • Maintain poise, personal centeredness, and flexibility in midst of a changing environment. • Identify and effectively address core issues and concerns in a variety of situations involving interpersonal conflict/crisis (Core Members, their parents or guardians, staff, and board). • Communicate effectively both in daily interactions as supervisor and as organizational leader, as well as in written format and oral presentation. • Steward and cultivate relationships with individuals, foundations, public agencies and other funding partners as part of the organizations’ fundraising efforts.

POSSESS AND DEMONSTRATE: • Empathy • High emotional intelligence • Equity focus • Passion for mission • Humility • Fundamental business operation skills • Joy for this work • Confidence • Flexibility • Adaptability • Growth mindset • Community focus • Comfort with leading a community based in spirituality.


Candidate materials are reviewed on an on-going basis and initial interviews will begin by early April. Please submit a resume and a two-page (or less) cover letter addressed to Joan Winchester at:

Please upload the resume and cover letter as a single, combined WORD or PDF document.

You may direct questions to Joan Winchester at or (503) 866-4111.

L’Arche Noah Sealth is a progressive and equal opportunity employer committed to creating a welcoming work environment. L’Arche Noah Sealth does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, gender identity, religion, marital status, veteran’s status, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. We are committed to a diverse, socially just, and welcoming work environment and people of color, people with varying abilities, and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are especially encouraged to apply.

Background Check satisfactory to the Board and two references.

Compensation and Benefits
L’Arche offers a competitive and generous benefits.

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