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House Coordinator | L’Arche Heartland

Overland Park, KS

Position Summary: The role of L’Arche Heartland House Coordinator is to support the overall quality of life for up to five Residents with developmental disabilities (Core Members) who require Direct Service/Support Professionals (Assistant’s) for activities of daily living. Core Members reside together in a designated home as housemates with Assistants (some who live-in and some who live out). While aligning with the mission and charter of L’Arche, they provide direct support as well as oversee the management and administrative responsibilities within the home. The role coordinates daily routines and activities (community life) within the home to foster a healthy, respectful and compassionate living environment among housemates and Assistants. The House Coordinator is a member of the Leadership Team and works in close collaboration with the team to fulfill their role responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities:

Quality of Life for Core Members

  1. Provides direct support in the home and actively participates in the sharing of daily home activities;
  2. Serves as an advocate and contact for Core Members parents and Guardians for house related needs. Also serves as liaison to the Community Care Coordinator and Assistants Coordinator for other Core Member needs;
  3. In cooperation with the Community Care Coordinator, ensures that medical, financial, safety and spiritual needs of each Core Member are fully met and that all documentation is completed and submitted in a time manner;
  4. Schedules and facilitates weekly house meetings with Core Members to ensure everyone has opportunities to be meaningful members, participating in decisions made in their home;
  5. Encourages and helps build a family atmosphere of welcome and friendship;
  6. Supports household prayer life and spiritual growth, by way of evening prayer, celebrations, observation of religious seasons and Core Member involvement in their local faith community.


Quality of Life for Assistants

  1. Facilitates weekly team meetings (formations) and participates in regular formations and training to develop a relationship of trust and collaboration;
  2. Serves as a liaison between Assistants and the Coordinators to ensure that the personal and spiritual needs of Assistants are being met;
  3. With the Assistants Coordinator, ensures that the home and vehicles are maintained and that safety precautions are followed and documented;
  4. In cooperation with the Assistant and Community Care Coordinator, monitors Home environmental needs and coordinates repairs and purchases as needed with the approval of the Community Leader/Executive Director;
  5. Ensures that household finances and spending are organized and in agreement with the designated budget.


Sharing the Mission of L’Arche

  1. Works with other members of the leadership team to share and spread the mission of L’Arche to the Kansas City Metro Area;
  2. Assists in the planning and facilitating of community night activities, holiday gatherings, retreats, trips and fundraisers;
  3. Fosters communication and sharing between L’Arche Heartland and other L’Arche communities.


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