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Healthcare Coordinator | L’Arche Syracuse

Syracuse, NY

L’Arche Syracuse is seeking a Healthcare Coordinator to join their team! This is a highly responsible position that reports directly to the Executive Director & Community Leader.

To provide monitoring and oversight of each Core Members’ medical care to ensure that all healthcare needs are met. Also, facilitate health services and health issues training for L’Arche staff.


  • Monitor the health care of each Core Member, according to OMRDD regulations…
    • Monitor and update Core Members immunization records and annual medical appointment schedules.
    • Attend staff meetings to discuss medical concerns/updates.
    • Attend meetings and annual and semi-annual reviews to assess medications and treatments, health and nutritional assessments, etc.
    • Obtain medical services for all Core Members, coordinating services with medical personnel and other agencies
    • Assure follow-up on all recommendations following medical appointments.
    • Complete monthly progress notes for each Core Member.
    • Accompany Core Members to medical appointments, as needed. (Not necessary for all appointments.)
    • Available to consult regarding medical questions/emergencies. (NB: An RN must be available by phone within 30 min., 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week.)
    • Continually evaluate medication records; ensure proper administration, handling and disposal of medications. Obtain, (yearly), signatures for all “behavioral” meds given on behavioral med permission form
    • Address and develop Advance Directives for each Core Member.
    • Ensure compliance with all health-related state regulation.
    • In the event of a Core Members’ hospitalization, be available to confer with the physician, and be aware of the plan of care for the Core Member while hospitalized. Be an integral part of the discharge planning process. Advocate for the Core Member to be released from the hospital and returned to home as soon as possible.
    • Weekly visits to each L’Arche residence to check on each Core Members’ health status and address any concerns of Members or Assistants.
    • Monitor First Aid Kits and Infection Control procedures at each residence.
    • Give approval prior to a Core Member’s beginning a new medication.
    • Send out letters to physicians for semi-annual medication review in Jan. and July
    • Complete Core Member’s self-administration of medications assessment, annually and develop plans to teach and encourage Core Members to attain increased independence in med administration, and put those plans into effect.
    • Develop and update nursing service plans for Core Members per OMRDD policy.


  • Staff Training…
    • Teach and Update Staff regarding: Bloodborne Pathogens and T.B., Health and Safety, Incident Reporting/ Emergency Procedures, Signs and Symptoms, and Medication Policy or Procedural Changes
    • Provide Annual Recertification of assistants in med administration
    • Develop plan to teach Assistants personal care and nursing procedures as necessary to provide comprehensive care to Core Members.
    • Implement the plan and evaluate Assistants’ performance of direct care procedures, both informally and as a part of the assistant’s yearly performance review.
    • Monitor infection control practices on-site


  • Professional…
    • Attends continuing education opportunities provided by the DSO or other Healthcare agencies.
    • Attends meetings in the community as a L’Arche representative, (relating to healthcare issues.)
    • Consult with other healthcare professionals and Core Members’ personal physicians, as needed.
    • Develop relationships with Service Coordinators, healthcare providers, pharmacists, home care agencies, family members, etc., to facilitate optimum healthcare for each Core Member


Registered Nurse, licensed in New York State. Two years experience with people with
disabilities preferred.

New York State drivers’ license and transportation necessary, to assist with program needs.

Executive Director

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Executive Director & Community Leader, John Knechtle, at

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