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Director of Operations | L’Arche International


Flexible, ideally in Europe or North America (to be closer to some team members)

Reports to:
International Leader and Vice International Leader (during Transition period: to the Interim Executive Director)

Responsible for:
International Support Team (26 members: 7 direct reports, and 18 in addition indirect reports). This team is spread on different locations (North America, Europe and Africa).

Key relationships:
International Leadership Team members
International Support team
International Stewardship Board
National support teams (especially France, United Kingdom, Canada, USA)
External stakeholders (funders, partners, NGOs, etc.)

Main purpose:
Organise implementation of the strategy and priorities of L’Arche International through providing greater synergy and coordination between the members of the International Leadership Team and the International Support Team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Organise implementation of the strategic plan validated by the International Leaders and the International Leadership Team.
  • Identify strategic risks and opportunities to support decision making by the International Leaders, International Leadership Team and International Stewardship Board.
  • Supervise the Support Team on a day-to-day basis, foster a positive and empowering team culture and build effective team processes.
  • Allocate resources (HR and budget) to handle any cross-cutting subject or projects, involving the Support team, the International Delegates, the Leadership Team and / or other persons working for L’Arche at other levels (national structures).
  • Ensure that projects led by L’Arche International are prepared, validated and piloted at the right levels of responsibility and are monitored by the International Leadership Team. Lead the monitoring, evaluation and learnings of those projects.
  • Set with the Finance Director the budgets according to the projects defined above
  • Ensure that each member of the International Support Team has clear objectives in his field ans well as appropriate resources, in line with the strategic plan.


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