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Community Leader / Executive Director | L’Arche Tahoma Hope

Tacoma, WA

L’Arche Tahoma Hope (LTH) is seeking a Community Leader / Executive Director (CL/ED). LTH is a non-profit organization and member of an International Federation of L’Arche Communities where people with and without Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities share life together. The LTH community includes three adult group homes, a Welcome Center, and the Farm & Gardens, all located in Tacoma, WA. 

The CL/ED is responsible for guiding LTH to demonstrate the mission and values of L’Arche in the areas of community, people, organization, agency, spirituality, and outreach. The CL/ED leads a workforce of 50+ employees and oversees daily operations in order to meet financial, legal, and quality standards expected from local, county, state, and national authorities. The CL/ED implements the community mandate (5-year community goals & priorities) in alignment with the identity and mission of LTH. The CL/ED works cooperatively with L’Arche Tahoma Hope’s Board of Directors and the Federation Representative from L’Arche USA.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Community – Build and develop a vibrant community life
    1. Maintain an accepting, affirming, and open presence to all community members
    2. Shepherd changing community culture discernment  
    3. Prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in welcoming and supporting all people
    4. Support the Directors in organizing community events and meaningful gatherings
    5. Build relationships with families, neighbors, and community organizations 
    6. Foster relationships with L’Arche regionally, nationally and internationally through virtual and in-person gatherings
  • People – Manage human resources
    1. Ensure effective supervision, support, and evaluation of all employees, paying special attention to leadership development and delegation
    2. Create and implement staff recruitment and retention plan with the collaboration of L’Arche USA and the Board of Directors
    3. Implement a comprehensive orientation process, as well as meaningful discernments and transitions for employees and volunteers. 
    4. Work with other members of the leadership team to evaluate and promote wellness of everyone living, participating, and working within the homes, Farm & Gardens, and Welcome Center
  • Organization – Steward resources
    1. Develop and manage the $3 million budget of the community, to ensure it serves the mission priorities
    2. Oversee and steward property and facilities of LTH
    3. Cultivate donors and support cooperative fundraising locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Agency – Guarantee the quality of care towards people with intellectual disabilities
    1. Ensure people with intellectual/developmental disabilities engaged with LTH receive the necessary professional and natural supports to thrive
    2. Foster a high level of cooperation/consultation with specialists beyond LTH
    3. Ensure and develop the professional skills of the support staff
    4. Guarantee compliance with all regulations and ensure best practices
  • Spirituality – Foster the spiritual life of the community
    1. Partner with the Spiritual Life Director to ensure that the spiritual needs of all members are nurtured and respected
    2. Integrate, carry, and communicate the vision, mission and values of the worldwide movement of L’Arche as outlined in the 2023 Charter of the Communities of L’Arche
    3. Navigate community conversations about traditions and values – how we live them and what resonates for who LTH is today
  • Outreach – Promote the message of L’Arche in the wider community
    1. Enhance connections to the wider community by strengthening the Welcome Center, Farm & Gardens, and Inclusion & Integration programs
    2. Advocate for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities while staying current with changing needs and shifting cultural landscapes
    3. Develop close partnerships with relevant local and state authorities, nonprofits, professional organizations, and religious communities
    4. Partner with LTH Board of Directors to maintain the status as a confirmed member community to the International Federation of L’Arche, as spelled out in the signed Membership Agreement with L’Arche USA


Reports To: L’Arche Tahoma Hope’s Board of Directors

Requirements of the Role:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Minimum five years’ experience
  • Experience in nonprofit management and oversight of human resource functions
  • Proven track record of managing budgets
  • Experience with a regulatory environment
  • Experience with developing the vision for and effectively managing programs
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others at all levels, including leaders, people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and Board of Directors
  • Strong computer proficiency skills
  • Willingness and ability to travel to national gatherings (2-4 times a year)
  • Valid driver’s license


Qualities and Qualifications:

  • Experience in the field of intellectual disabilities
  • Grant Writing / Reporting experience
  • Experience in an intentional community, especially as a leader
  • Knowledge and experience of L’Arche
  • Openness to various definitions of faith and spirituality with a willingness to embrace the vision, values and mission of L’Arche as outlined in the 2023 Charter
  • Willingness to represent LTH in the wider community to share the L’Arche vision, create community partners, and promote financial stability
  • Ability to navigate conflict
  • Openness to learning
  • Active listening and effective communication skills 


Salary: Range $115,000-$130,000

Benefits Include:

  • Health Insurance – employer pays 92% of premium for employee and reimburses deductibles up to $5,000 annually; limited vision and dental reimbursements
  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) benefit
  • Retirement – employer matches up to 3% annually
  • Paid sick, vacation and retreat leave


Start Date: January 2024

Application Instructions: Applicants must submit a resume and cover letter to search@larchetahomahope.org, specifically focused on qualifications and eligibility for the position. 

Final candidates are expected to provide personal and professional references, make an onsite visit, and pass a background check.

Open until filled. Priority given to applicants who apply by November 3, 2023. 

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