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Assistant Director of Evaluation & Learning | L’Arche International



Flexible location

Start date: September 2022


Main mission:

The Assistant Director of Evaluation & Learning assists with guiding and supporting the development and operation of the L’Arche learning system. The Assistant works closely with the Director of Evaluation & Learning to foster increased commitments to measurement, learning, and continuous improvement. This includes open discussions within and beyond the Federation about the L’Arche learning journey and encouraging us to think holistically and systematically about our data, research, evaluation, measurement, and quality coherence work across L’Arche.

Forming a team, the Director and Assistant Director of Evaluation & Learning share the following responsibilities:

  • Work with key players such as Federation representatives and the extended Support Team and others in key role in national structures to develop more formal and coherent learning across the Federation
  • Work with others to develop and embed learning practices, such as framing priorities with learning-related questions, surveys, data collection, and systematically linking local data with global insights
  • Oversee the development of survey methodologies, from systemic long surveys to light touch micro surveys on critically important questions. Develop strategies to develop rigorous internal research cycles based on survey results loops
  • Oversee and support new data systems, including the CRM and data collection and analysis processes. Tailor the communication of results to internal and external audiences (e.g. : incorporation into our CRM, storytelling, contribution to donor reporting, increase the general understanding of our mid and long-term impacts)
  • Oversee the development of new knowledge management practices
  • Provide support for specific time-limited evaluation needs such as in L’Arche International programs and specific communities or countries
  • Provide support for specific time-limited research that supports the Federation’s priorities.


Requirements of the role:

  • Appointed by and reports to the Director of Evaluation & Learning
  • Forms a virtual team with the Director
  • Collaborates with Federation Representatives, the Support Team, and others in key roles in national structures
  • Flexibility to work in a virtual team and across very diverse time zones
  • Participates in the appropriate International Meetings
  • Availability for occasional international travel


Expected profile and skills for the role:

  • A person grounded in the vision, values & mission of L’Arche
  • Extensive knowledge of the Federation and ability and willingness to work collaboratively with others at all levels
  • Cultural competence: the ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with people across diverse cultures
  • Flexibility to work in our global setting, with diverse stakeholders, time zones and work requirements.
  • Bachelor’s degree and 10 years of related experience.
  • Strategic thinker and ability to work systematically
  • Ability to listen to diverse ways of expressing needs and requirements, step back and reformulate in a clear and concise way.
  • Strong attention to detail and an ability to see larger themes
  • Strong project management skills related to activities with data, monitoring, evaluation, or research.


If this role resonates with you and you believe you have the qualities and experience, we invite you to apply! Please send your application including resume and references to by early July 2022.

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