Become a Board Member

L’Arche USA is grateful to have passionate board members who donate their unique skills and expertise to help further our mission. The board of L’Arche USA provides leadership in areas of policy, fundraising, communications, government relations, oversight, and other support of regions and communities of L’Arche USA. Because of their dedication, L’Arche communities around the United States are thriving. We invite you to consider joining our board.

Our organization’s constitution frames our work:

“L’Arche USA exists to support its member communities, ensure standards, and unite member communities in a common vision and mission. Furthermore, L’Arche USA offers formation programs and services for individual members. L’Arche USA influences the public’s awareness and perception of people living with intellectual and or developmental disabilities, including public policy.”

L’Arche USA’s Board of Directors makes sure L’Arche USA creates and sustains the necessary framework and operations to achieve its mission. In addition to the regular responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors, serving on the L’Arche USA board calls one to build community within the board, build relationships with local US communities and to become ambassadors for the mission of L’Arche.   

At the core of L’Arche are relationships that can lead to the transformation of one’s heart, one’s community and even the world as a sign of hope and unity in a divided world. As Board members hold the responsibilities of their role, they are also invited to engage in reflection, learning and community-building in L’Arche that can have lasting personal and professional impact.

We are actively seeking Committee and Board members with dedicated skills, including…


We are actively seeking a candidate to join our Finance Committee and potentially our Board of Directors. The ideal candidate would have experience in banking and investing, financial processes and management, auditing, nonprofit financial oversight, financial management, and auditing. A candidate should have capacity for regular engagement with the L’Arche USA finance team, including invoice approvals and review of monthly bank reconciliations. The future treasurer would have the ability to facilitate committee meetings and lead finance discussions at board and national meetings.


The Development Committee serves as the representative of the L’Arche USA Board of Directors in sustaining funding for the L’Arche USA mission. This includes ensuring Board engagement around fundraising, identifying new potential donors, developing new ideas, advancing collaborative fundraising initiatives that bring together local communities and L’Arche International. The Board member chairing the committee takes an active role in reviewing fundraising budgeting and projections, progress against goals, as well as evaluating efficiency of certain fundraising strategies and initiatives. The chair also keeps the Board abreast of issues and updated on our fundraising efforts, while ensuring the organization is a responsible and accountable steward of financial resources.


Within our Governance Committee, we look for a diversity of expertise and experience in the areas of non-profit governance and leadership, board best practices, and the identification, recruitment and onboarding of Board Members in line with organizational priorities.


The Brand Committee is looking for a new member to help ensure L’Arche’s messaging is relevant in and reflective of the modern disability rights movement. This person should be a self-advocate from the disability community with experience in communications, social media, public speaking, copy editing, storytelling, etc. They will meet with L’Arche USA’s Senior Manager, Creative Content to brainstorm content ideas and ensure our internal and external messaging reflects L’Arche USA’s commitment to raising the authentic voices of our people with intellectual disabilities.

Reach out to info@larcheusa.org to inquire about applying.

L’Arche USA always seeks board and committee members who bring a diversity of ability, race, spiritual identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, geography and age. We further acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, identities, and experiences.