Filing a Report

What happens when I fill out an iReport form?
When you submit an iReport form through the L’Arche USA website, an email with your report contents and supporting documents (if any) is sent to two confidential report recipients. The National and Vice National Leader are alerted that a report has been submitted but do not have access to the contents of that submission. The report recipients serve as liaisons between a reporter and L’Arche to ensure proper investigation protocols are activated for any incident, past or present. They will not share identifying information with L’Arche unless the reporter consents to do so.

If a reporter has provided contact information, the report recipients will follow up within 72 hours to consult about the reporter’s desire to identify or not identify themselves to investigators, to whom they wish to be identified or not, to consult about potential actions and to keep the reporter updated about what actions have taken place.

With the information provided, the confidential report recipients assess who is the most appropriate body to ensure investigation:
1. Local L’Arche Community Leader – A report that involves a local community and there is no concern that the Community Leader is not the right person to ensure investigation.
2. L’Arche USA National Leader – A report that involves a local community leader, National Board, someone acting on behalf of L’Arche USA or a historic incident where one or more people involved are no longer involved with the community.
3. L’Arche USA National Board Chair – A report that involves the L’Arche USA National Leader or National Team.
4. L’Arche International Designee – An incident, past or present, that took place outside of the USA or that involves L’Arche members outside of the USA.
5. Local law enforcement or adult protective services – If a report is submitted that identifies suspected abuse, misconduct or neglect against a vulnerable person or criminal activity that has not been properly responded to, report recipients may pass on information to local law enforcement or adult protective services.

How is the anonymity of reporters protected?
The iReport form and form account are not accessible to anyone employed by L’Arche. The confidential reviewers hold the login and passwords to access iReport submissions.

If information is passed on in an anonymous basis, the information must be corroborated through further investigation before action can be taken. Individuals who choose to file anonymous reports are advised that it may be very difficult for L’Arche to follow up and/or take action on anonymous reports, where corroborating information is limited.

Who are the confidential report recipients?
The confidential report recipients are trained mental health professionals, skilled in confidentiality, assessment and referral practices. To protect their privacy, we do not identify them here. They act as a team to review report submissions and decide recommended actions. They will consult with appropriate L’Arche authorities as needed in order to liaise with reporters about potential actions. They will not share identifying information without the permission of reporters.