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Five practices from L’Arche to help you build community…

Two L'Arche members sit on a bench and smile
Are you curious to learn about a few of the practices that L’Arche members use to build community? Some of them might surprise you.

1. Checking in

Before we start any meeting, we do a round of “check ins” meaning each person can share how they are showing up to the space. This helps everyone bring their authentic selves to the conversation and gives us a chance to know one another better!

2. Pranks

Surprised? Silliness and play are important parts of daily life at L’Arche. Good hearted pranks and jokes can ease the sometimes-stressful parts of building an intentional community, allowing members to connect with one another through laughter.

3. Walks

Everyone knows a daily walk is good for the body and soul. But beyond the personal benefits, taking walks can expand your community to your local neighborhood, helping you build relationships with neighbors, local shops, and even furry friends in the area!

Members of L'Arche sit around a table and share a meal.

4. Dancing

When in doubt, dance it out! Putting on some music and showing off your moves with your community is a great way to loosen up, have fun, and build relationships. We recommend the kitchen as the location for the ideal mini dance party.

5. Dinner Reflections

Gathering around a table and sharing meals is an integral part of community building at L’Arche. Dinners are often followed by a short period of communal reflection, meditation or prayer which helps members connect on a deeper level. Consider adding a moment of grounding and reflection to your evening meal!

Building community happens in many ways! Some practices are tried and true, and others are unique to the communities they belong to, like L’Arche.   

Thanks to you, L’Arche has been building community for people with and without intellectual disabilities in the United States for over 50 years! Will you help us continue for another 50 more?

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